Cascade Paragliding Club
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About Us: The Cascade Paragliding Club is dedicated to the advancement of paragliding in this region through the education of its members in safety and general knowledge of the sport, the development and maintenance of local flying sites and through the comradeship of fellow pilots.
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Video of Bald Butte is called done By Sim-sim passenger: Hey I share with you one of my first video made Premiere pro. I am glad to show
2017 CPC Nominations By David Le: Greetings members, I'm thrilled and honored to have been your CPC President for
PG Fatality in Pacifica By dave_blizzard: Making it through a dangerous situation is exciting. We all know this one. It
Bingen?? By Keith Lowe: Kinda iffy but keeping an eye on Bingen tomorrow afternoon....
PG Fatality in Pacifica By Nick Fulmor: Sorry i was referring to his historical behavior from the post by his friend.
PG Fatality in Pacifica By Mark Sanzone: What Nick says is true. But in this case it was more of a bad flight plan than
PG Fatality in Pacifica By Nick Fulmor: This is something the bold intermediate pilots really needs to read so they dont
PG Fatality in Pacifica By Steve Forslund: Wow never meet or seen amyone like this pilot from the bay area Doesn't seem to
PG Fatality in Pacifica By Nick Fulmor: Im sad to say our bold risk taking pilot has already flown his last Ridge. Rip
PG Fatality in Pacifica By Mark G. Forbes: One of Solomon Lee's fellow pilots posted this comment on the BAPA Facebook
Looking for a good Blues Harp Player ! By sargeomatic: The suggestion that there may be music at the next Oceanside open leaves me to
Flying in Corryong- Doaraoma By Dan Wells: No fly day due to winds so I have some time to post a report. My flying in
OT: PPG kit for sale By Jay Z: I have decided to sell my PPG kit. It is a Parajet Thor Poloni 190 with about 20
Chehalem? (and a Newberg webcam link)i By Neil Clark: launch was. Quite turbulent! Bit of a workout once up too. Some nice lift here
RAV4 paragliding commercial By Mark Sanzone: I've seen the commercial several times. Nice touch to feature a female pilot.