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About Us: The Cascade Paragliding Club is dedicated to the advancement of paragliding in this region through the education of its members in safety and general knowledge of the sport, the development and maintenance of local flying sites and through the comradeship of fellow pilots.
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CLO? By Rick L: 5-7 hangs on the way. says 25-35mph and buoy offshore says about 20
CLO? By Michael Cook: Looks like a freezing rain advisory this morning ....
CLO? By Michael Cook: Didn't do Cliffside as the wind talker was showing light. Looks like it stayed
CLO? By Rick L: 2 hangs and myself are going to Cape Lookout tomorrow (Friday). Everything looks
CLO? By Michael Cook: Seems like if the rain can be dodged it looks ok...or Sat maybe?
Cliffside statistics. By Rick L: It wasn't that cool to me especially after few miles run. It was much cooler
End of Year Holiday Party By Dirk Larson: Flying family, Reminder that the end of year holiday party takes place tomorrow
Cliffside statistics. By David Le: When do you thaw out Rick? Nice. On Dec 14, 2017 10:57 AM, ""
Cliffside statistics. By Rick L: For the pass consecutive 10 days (12/5 to 12/14) of light East and ESE days,
Anybody looking at Cliffside? By Michael Cook: I am watching the wind talker....
Cliffside Report By Rick L: Forgot to enclosed the link:
Cliffside Report By Rick L: The wind were stronger in the morning when I was hiking up. It was about 8 to 10
Music & chairs ( not musical chairs...) By sargeomatic: Another dumb reminder: bring some chairs & if you're of a mind to, please bring
Upper launch. 11:55am By Rick L: Wind talking : Northeast 44° 11.0 MPH (Gusts 15.0 MPH) Accurate winds &
Wednesday to Friday By Rick L: Birds are soaring. Hang launch blowing straight up good. At 11:10am. Rick Sent