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About Us: The Cascade Paragliding Club is dedicated to the advancement of paragliding in this region through the education of its members in safety and general knowledge of the sport, the development and maintenance of local flying sites and through the comradeship of fellow pilots.
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Cliffside Friday ? By Rick L: me too. and maybe couple more hangs will be there in the afternoon. See you
Cliffside Friday ? By Nick Fulmor: It looks possible. Im headed out around 930.
Thanks To CPC from the Ruch school By Dan Wells: Hi Gail, This thank you note addressed to you an CPC came in the RVHPA mail
Ansermanuevo, Colombia By Jay Z: This may be a long shot, but if anyone has contact information for the hotel at
Calling Milk Canifax By dave_blizzard: done. On Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 11:05:41 AM UTC-7, Rick L wrote: > >
Calling Milk Canifax By Rick L: Anyone know Mike Canifax phone number? Or Mike, if you're reading this, can you
Cliffside on Saturday By Peter Reagan: Dennis Pagen calls it magic air. And yes, as you surmise, it is convergence as
Volunteer needed! By David Le: Thanks to David B for representing.... On Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 8:59:42
Volunteer needed! By David Le: Steve Ascher, member and instructor for Willamette Valley Soaring Club, would
Cliffside Outhouse Friday By Reed Gleason: OK, we have a date set at least. If it’s stormy we will do it another time.
Cliffside Outhouse Friday By Erik Otterholt: Unfortunately, I’m out of town this weekend. I really want to be there as
Cliffside Outhouse Friday By Reed Gleason: I plan on bringing a Kubota 24a, a small backhoe with bucket. We have to plan it
Weather Station Update: By Bill B - Corvallis: Excellent work troubleshooting! On Oct 25, 2016 4:38 AM, "Michael Cook" wrote:
More parking and launches at Cliffside By Reed Gleason: I forgot to say it’s also really great how some people are doing volunteer
More parking and launches at Cliffside By Reed Gleason: I’m glad Cliffside is getting popular, but it seems the launch area can be a